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2000 SCCA ProRally Awards
Houghton, MI

Photos © 2000 by Tim Winker

2kye_ov1a.jpg 19.9K
Overall & Open Class Champs
Paul Choiniere
& Jeff Becker

2kye_ov2a.jpg 16.1K
2nd Overall
Russ Hughes &
Karl Scheible

2kye_ov3a.jpg 19.1K
3rd Overall
Noel Lawler &
Charles Bradley

2kye_mhyu.jpg 16.7K
Overall Manufacturer
Group N

2kye_gnd1a.jpg 17.8K
Group N Driver
Karl Scheible

2kye_gnd1b.jpg 17.4K
Group N Driver
Karl Scheible

2kye_gne1a.jpg 17.5K
Gp N Co-driver
Russ Hughes
Group N Manufacturer
Group 5

2kye_g5d1a.jpg 16.9K
Group 5 Driver
Mark Utecht

2kye_wcd1b.jpg 20.6K
Jon Woodner Cup
(2WD) Driver
Mark Utecht

2kye_g5d1b.jpg 19.7K
Group 5 Driver
Mark Utecht

2kye_g5e1a.jpg 17.5K
Woodner Cup &
Group 5 Co-driver
Brenda Corneliusen
Group 2

2kye_g2d1a.jpg 20.9K
Group 2 Driver
Bob Nielsen

2kye_g2d1b.jpg 17.2K
Group 2 Driver
Bob Nielsen

2kye_g2e1a.jpg 15.3K
Group 2 Co-driver
Brett Corneliusen

Toyota driver Jay Streets accepts award. 2kye_mtoy.jpg 18.8K
Gp 5 & Gp 2
Prod GT

2kye_pgd1a.jpg 16.7K
Prod GT Driver
Patrick Richard

2kye_pgd1b.jpg 20.6K
Prod GT Driver
Patrick Richard

2kye_pge1a.jpg 18.8K
Prod GT Co-driver
Bill Westrick

2kye_msub.jpg 18.7K
Prod GT Manuf.

2kye_prd1a.jpg 19.8K
Production Driver
Brian Vinson

2kye_prd1c.jpg 116.4K
Production Driver
Brian Vinson

2kye_pre1.jpg 18.4K
Prod. Co-driver
Claire Chizma
Other Awards

2kye_xlspr.jpg 28.6K
Class Winners
Lake Superior ProRally

2kye_xavc.jpg 27.3K
Class Winners
Auto Value Keweenaw Challenge

2kye_stew.jpg 20.4K
Special Award
Chief Steward
John MacArthur (L)

2kye_z1.jpg 31.8K
Some of the crowd at the awards
Other photos

2kye_ywink.jpg 22.3K
Tim, Mike & Jerry

2kye_zkings.jpg 19.0K
Mr. King & The King

2kye_zlib2.jpg 30.5K
Post Awards Celebration at
The Library

2kye_zlib4.jpg 29.0K
Post Awards Celebration at
The Library

Not pictured: Rookie of the year - Jay Streets
Service Awards given to Jeff Burmeister and Jim Konkler.

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