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Sno Club Rally / Drift Club Rally

Photos from Service area.

Choiniere's Tiburon gets the once over at service.  Speedvision/Replica Productions' Doug Plumer interviews Choiniere  Damage to the fron of Scheible's Evo after a bout with a snowbank

Gingras' Eclipse gets checked over.  Utecht/Corneliusen Gp. 5 Omni checks in.

Winners' Circle Celebration

  1. Choiniere/Becker - Hyundai Tiburon, Open Class
  2. Scheible/Hughes - Mitsubishi Evo V, Group N
  3. Lahm/Chester - Mitsubishi Evo IV, Open

Congrats to Irwin and Schmidt on their first Club Rally finishes:

And some other photos:

An Elk Best looking snowmobile seen all weekend Jerry and Big Gus, powered by a 350 cid V8.

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