1999 Wild West ProRally (page 2)
plus Sou'Wester ClubRally and Wild West ClubRally

Photos © 1999 by Tim Winker

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Tabors: Mark and Kristen and their Prod GT Mazda 323 GTX
Another shot of the Team Tabor 323GTX with Mark at the wheel
Matt Tabor, in a Gp. 2 Toyota Corolla GTS. Co-driver was Chris Hale.
A rarity on ProRallies, a Lancia. Marc Thielke/Catherine Roso, Gp. 2.

Stage 2 Spectator Area

Ralph Kosmides/Joe Noyes, Toyota Supra, Group 5
Bill Malik/Christian Edstrom, Volvo, Group 2
Lauchlin O'Sullivan/Jon Oxford, Audi Quattro, Open
Garen Shrader/Doc Shrader, Mitsubishi Evo IV, Open

Gail Truess/Cindy Krolikowski, Mazda 323GTX, Production GT
Lee Shadbolt/Claire Chizma, Subaru Impreza, Production GT
George Plsek/Renn Phillips, Audi Quattro, Open
John Jeppesen & Tim Winker, covered with dust at SS2

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