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Photos from SS1 Spectator Area.

Lawler turns the wrong way at the Spectator Area.  Choiniere/Becker  Kemp's Audi

Garen & Doc Shrader looked like they would be contenders.   


SS1 - The first designated Spectator Area is at a skewed Tee, an acute right of about 135 degrees. Noel Lawler was first on the road, and promptly turned LEFT, losing many seconds turning around. Choiniere, Kemp, and the Shraders all came through just fine. Steve Gingras, Chris Czyzio, Bill Morton and Mark Utecht set up properly for the corner and lost very little time. Mark Brown set up in advance in his Toyota FX16, but clipped the snow and spun, facing the wrong way on the stage. He tried to turn around, but got stuck in the bank on the opposite side and needed the assistance of several spectators to get out and moving again. Several others got out of shape or turned the wrong way, but there were no major incidents.



We hear over the scanner that Noel Lawler has hit a tree at the end of stage two and is out. Later, word arrives that Jon Kemp has hit a tree at the spectator area on SS4 and will not be able to continue.



After the first break (following SS5) Choiniere is first on the road, but Karl Scheible has moved up to second. Garen Shrader was in the overall lead after SS5, but has dropped out at the service break, as the rear differential on his Mitsubishi has broken, leaving him with one wheel drive. Also retired is Seamus Burke in his new Group N Subaru.

  J.B. 'Rollerbone' Niday and Al Kintigh 

    A PT Cruzer, not yet available, and it probably won't make a very good rally car.

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